Him Mite

Him Mite

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HIM MITE (ORGANIC MITICIDE) COMPOSITION:Eucalyptus Oil: 7% v/v Polyoxyethylene castor oil: 9% v/v Vegetable Oil : 84% v/vFORMULATION TY...



Eucalyptus Oil: 7% v/v 

Polyoxyethylene castor oil: 9% v/v 

Vegetable Oil : 84% v/v

FORMULATION TYPE: EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)


Generally, this oil-based material penetrates the leaf tissue through translaminar activity, its restrict the feeding and sucking the cell sap by mites on both the upper and lower side of the leaves. Due to starvation, Mites will be die and manage the population easily.

Its main benefit is a Higher side of the result oriented product, due to less no of sprays, more time pest-free crop. Wide control or manage the population of Mites due to translaminar activity, also having a phototonic effect on plants, due to higher photosynthesis.


Mix With any Pesticides, Fungicides, and Weedicides add 2 ml in 1 liter of water (200 – 250 ml/acre). For better effect 2 -3 sprays are very useful.

Useful for all the field, horticultural and vegetable crops with have a great advantage of higher yield and production.

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