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HIM MAGIC (4TH GEN NANO PGRs) Vegetable Crop Sp. COMPOSITION:Jasmonic Acid (JA 63) : 4000 ppmZinc EDTA + Ethylene (Filler) : Q/SFORMULATION T...

HIM MAGIC (4TH GEN NANO PGRs) Vegetable Crop Sp. 

Jasmonic Acid (JA 63) : 4000 ppm
Zinc EDTA + Ethylene (Filler) : Q/S
FORMULATION TYPE : SP (Soluble Powder)
Generally, 4th Generation Nano PGRs are a lipid-based hormone which signals that it regulates a wide range of processes in all vegetable crops. It's ranging from normal growth and photosynthesis to reproductive development.
Actively develop normal growth in the reproductive development of all kinds of vegetable crops.
Mix With any Pesticides, Fungicides, and Weedicides add 10 gm in 100 to 150  liter of water. For better effect 2 -3 sprays are very useful.
Useful for all the field, horticultural and vegetable crops with have a great advantage of higher yield and production by significantly proved.

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